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What is Value Fulfillment?
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This website springs from the combined efforts of Jim Schutte, Kalessin, and Kerstin Sjoquist. Our intent is to explore value fulfillment and generate excitement and enthusiasm for the Seth material.

Jim Schutte
Jim Schutte is a former editor of Reality Change and his essays have appeared in WellSpring and Perspectives. He and his partner, Kalessin, have organized Seth/Jane Roberts discussion groups in Oregon and California.

Kalessin is a former associate editor of Reality Change. He has been reading the Seth material since 1981. He has contributed articles to WellSpring and Perspectives. He holds a B.A. in English (cum laude) with a minor in journalism.

Kerstin Sjoquist
Kerstin is the official designer and webmistress of the VF website (sound of whip cracking) and is creator of the Bliss Trips line of guided meditation CDs. She has been reading Jane/Rob/Seth's work for 20+ years and lives with her husband John and her 75 pound American Bulldog, Fancy.

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