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Please peruse our list of suggested reading; if something catches your fancy simply click on the link to go to BookSense and your local independent bookseller to purchase the book. Items that are not linked are currenly out of print. You can check out a used bookstore or visit Bibliofind, an online store boasting seven million old, used and rare books.

Books Dictated by Seth
Seth was the first to define and elaborate the concept of value fulfillment. His books are brimming with excellent ideas and techniques for expanding potential, and offer an undiluted explanation of consciousness. Seth spoke his books through Jane Roberts, with her husband, Robert Butts, taking dictation verbatim.

Books by Jane Roberts
As the primary recipient of Seth's information, Jane had a unique perspective on the material that she lucidly expressed in her own books.

Books by other people
Many well-known authors have been inspired the Jane, Seth, and Rob's work and have written books that explore many of the same ideas, expressing the author's own value fulfillment.
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