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Jane's Seth-interpretive books are particularly valuable in that they give the Seth material a context in everyday life. Her earlier works are excellent primers for people not ready for concentrated Seth.

How to Develop Your ESP Power: The First Published Encounter with Seth
In the first published non-fiction book by Jane, this helpful guide encourages the reader to claim his/her own psychic abilities. Research for this book lead to Jane and Rob's Ouija experiments, which opened the door to the first Seth sessions. Includes excerpts from the sessions on psychological time, predictions, and the survival of human personality.

 Seth, Dreams, and Projections of Consciousness
Written in 1966, but not published until 1986, this book fills the gaps between events described in How to Develop Your ESP Power and The Seth Material. Contains the only published version of Jane's "The Universe as Idea Construction", which sparked beginning work on the Seth material. Includes practical ideas for recalling dreams, OOBEs, the inner senses, and consciousness.

The Seth Material
In Jane's first widely recieved and well-recognized book, she describes the early days of her and Rob's introduction to Seth. She deals with their struggle to incorporate a profound inner wisdom in their daily lives and coming to grips with her growing abilities. Includes material on the original envelope tests as well as a complete (and only published) description of the inner senses.

 Adventures in Consciousness: An Introduction to Aspect Psychology
Published in 1975, this unique look at reincarnation is composed of two distinct parts. Part one describes Jane, Rob, and several of their friends' encounters with past lives. These "reincarnational dramas" are put into perspective by the emergence of Sumari, a vowel-based language and a family of consciousness. In part two, Jane delivers material in an altered state and describes the structure of the self in relation to reincarnational "aspects" and simultaneous time. Includes graphics by Rob Butts.

Psychic Politics
In what is considered by many to be Jane's most important work, She discusses the Codicils, inner codes from which we can build a new civilization. Jane transcribed these Codicils from her library, an inner space she could tap into while in a light trance. Includes evocative material on heroic personages and the safe universe. This is the second volume of Jane's "Aspect Psychology" series.

The God of Jane: A Psychic Manifesto
This autobiography provides a deeply personal glimpse into Jane's world. Written in 1979, Jane describes her own difficulties and triumphs in following through with the ideas in the Seth material and trusting her impulses. The chapter on "The Seamstress" is worth the price of the book alone. An emotional book that describes with great insight how we are all "lower-case gods."

Jane's novels creatively illustrate the concept of value fulfillment and the multi-dimensional self.

Emir's Education in the Proper Use of Magical Powers
Jane's delightful children's book has long been a favorite of many Seth readers. Emir, a young boy with a lot to learn, makes great headway with the help of some curious friends. Richly illustrated by Lynne Cherry, this education on life's passages is a perfect gift for a child of any age.

 The Oversoul Seven Trilogy
Originally published as three novels, this compilation includes all the novels described below. Beautifully bound with a new cover painted by Rob Butts.
  • The Education of Oversoul Seven
    Meet Seven. He's living the life of a 16th century painter, an aging poetess in the 1970s, a wreckless teenage explorer in the 24th century, and a beautiful primitive woman about to make the discovery of her life 37,000 years ago — all simultaneously. This is a great book to start with if you've never read a Seth or Jane book. A compelling story that fleshes out the concepts of the Seth material. Inspired in part by an episode of "Star Trek," Jane wrote much of this novel while in a light trance.
  • The Further Education of Oversoul Seven
    Seven must go all out to prevent one of his incarnate personalities from committing suicide, while another is bound and determined to challenge the gods before she's reincarnated. A revealing look at probable realities, an individual's free will, and All That Is. As with the first book, Jane wrote much of this sequel while in a light trance state.
  • Oversoul Seven and the Museum of Time
    Seven must solve the mystery behind strange phenomena involving one of his incarnate personalities, and to do so he must do the unthinkable: take on a human form. Set in the early 1980s, Seven encounters a babbling Christ and provocative visitors from the future. Jane's popular book Psychic Politics figures prominently in this last installment of the Oversoul trilogy.

World View:
A world view is a person's unique picture of existence. It is a psychic structure composed of one's thoughts, feelings, and cumulative experiences. This view, which is indestructible, can be accessed by others in an altered state to enrich their own value fulfillment. Jane tuned in to many world views and published two.

The World View of Paul Cezanne: A Psychic Interpretation
One holiday season Jane asked Rob what he'd like for Christmas. He replied, "a book on Cezanne." This world view book was the result of Rob's request. Remarkable in its depth and artistic insight, this work is of great importance not only to artists but those who wish to understanding the relationship between creativity and consciousness.

The Afterdeath Journal of an American Philosopher: The World View of William James
In this classic work, Jane presents the world view of the founder of modern psychology. From his afterdeath perspective, James shares his views on Freud, Darwin, and psychic phenomenon. Most evocative is his description of the afterlife and his account of God, which he calls the "atmospheric presence" or "knowing light." In the afterward by Jane, she shares her vision of a nurturing Mother Goddess.

Jane's passion was poetry, and she was widely published in literary magazines prior to her work with Seth. Though the Seth sessions took up much of her time, her own value fulfillment was deeply expressed through her poetry.

If We Live Again, or, Public Magic and Private Love
Currently out of print.
Jane's poetry is beautifully presented in this 1982 collection. Jane writes from her special vantage point on her love for her husband, her connection to nature and the seasons, and the magic of consciousness, all poignant emotions shared for the reader to absorb. Jane's three prose essays at the beginning of the book are inspiring.

Dialogues of the Soul and Mortal Self in Time
Currently out of print.
Many Seth/Jane readers have found this lovely book to resonate on many levels. Jane's poems describe the range of emotions that come with knowing that one's mortality is couched in immortal existence. A collector's item, this work contains several illustrations by Rob inspired by Jane's poems.

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