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 The Early Sessions: Books I through IV of the Seth Material
For the first time, here are the first 510 Seth sessions published verbatim, unedited, and in sequential order! This 9-volume set begins in 1963 with Jane and Rob's Ouija board experiments, leading quickly to their first encounter with Seth.

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The Personal Sessions: Books 1 thru 6 of The Seth
Deleted Material

The Personal Sessions, originally referred to as "the deleted sessions", are Seth sessions that Jane Roberts and Rob Butts considered to be of a highly personal nature and were therefore kept in separate notebooks from the main body of the Seth material. In addition, The Personal Sessions will contain some regular Seth sessions that were inadvertently never published, and in later volumes, Jane's hertofore unpublished book on Rembrandt. This book is one of three "World View" books that Jane wrote. The other two are already published and entitled The World View of Paul Cezanne and The Afterdeath Journal of an American Philosopher.

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 Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul
In Seth's first book, he introduces himself and describes his reality. He shares fascinating perspectives on coordinate points, the "death" experience, reincarnational dramas, and religious symbolism. Many recommend new readers begin with this Seth book as it provides the foundation for understanding the multidimensional self, then follow with The Nature of Personal Reality.

 The Nature of Personal Reality
In Seth's most famous book, he offers a primer on how our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions form our experiences. In this practical work, Seth covers the body of our beliefs, natural grace and artificial guilt, the role of spontaneity, and the use of natural hypnosis. Many people consider this their favorite Seth book.

 The Nature of the Psyche
In Seth's third book, he discusses sexuality and its relationship to the psyche. Evocative material on the bisexual psyche and gender, homosexuality and lesbianism, associative thinking, the nature of love, cordellas, and his "games that anybody can play."

 The Unknown Reality, Vol. I
In his preeminent work on probabilities, Seth illuminates an often confusing subject with rich, colorful analogies. He describes consciousness units, simultaneous time, and the multidimensional self as well as providing numerous practice elements to help us understand our own probable selves.

 The Unknown Reality, Vol. II
Seth elaborates on the "unknown" reality with information on dreaming, counterparts, and reincarnation. This book includes the intriguing "families of consciousness" material as well as insights into Seth's personal reality.

 The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events
In this important work, Seth discusses mass events — powerful experiences co-created by societies and cultures — and how each individual contributes to them. Includes Seth's provocative material about plagues and epidemics, the vital importance of trusting one's impulses, the mechanics of Framework 2, and how to be a practicing idealist. Seth illustrates his points by giving perspectives on then-current mass events, including Jonestown and Three-Mile Island.

 Dreams, "Evolution," and Value Fulfillment, Vol. I
In his treatise on value fulfillment, Seth provides an alternate explanation for the origins of the universe. Here he lucidly describes how consciousness, through value fulfillment, dreamed the world into being. This book also includes Jane's revealing "sinful self" material, and explains how language developed.

 Dreams, "Evolution," and Value Fulfillment, Vol. II
Seth describes the importance of understanding ideals, the relationship between genetics and consciousness, master events, group dreaming, and life clouds. This book also includes further perspectives on value fulfillment and its relationship to Darwin's theory of "evolution."

 The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About the Art of Creative Living
In his seventh book, Seth introduces "the magical approach to life," a brilliant synthesis of the ideas of the Seth material. He covers "assembly-line time" versus magical time, the failures of the rational approach, the natural self as well as Seth's startling perspectives on Christ and the crucifiction.

 The Way Toward Health
In the final days of Jane Roberts' life, Seth dictated his last book. Seth offers challenging material on AIDS, our attitudes toward diet, religion's relationship to disease, the role of doctors, spontaneous healing, and much more. Perhaps most compelling are Rob's heartbreaking descriptions of Jane's final days, and Seth, Rob and Jane's insights into her deteriorating physical condition. Published posthumously following Jane's death in 1984.

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