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  DreamLab Responses: January 8 - January 14, 1999
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Following are responses for the Exercise 3. If you would like to discuss another person's dream, please contact them directly.

Exercise 3: Encountering the Dearly Departed
We often dream about people we know, and even famous people we'd like to know. Yet occasionally, we slip into dreams where we come face to face with those no longer living. Dreams of the dead can be highly charged, compelling, and unforgettable. Is there someone you'd like to get in touch with? It could be anyone — a relative, a person who's work you admired, someone you wanted to say something to but never did. Select someone and suggest to your inner self that you'll dream about him or her. After you've had your dream, share who you intended to dream about and the resulting dream below. Record your dream even if you had no dream about the person, for you may find that you did indeed dream about them, not in "body," but in essence.
Impressions: Hello Jim, Kalessin, and Kerstin! As *time* would have it, I just heard about your web site and jumped on today. The "coicidence" is that last night I was feeling sad, missing my feline companion of 17 years who died just last September. This is one of several dreams I've had with my cat. Last night was less vivid. After missing her all day, and wishing that I could see her, I dreamt that I saw her outside in the sun, purring contentedly. I remember thinking that, "Of course it was fine for her to jump out of the car and hang out here while we were in the cafe. Note for me, "out of vehicle of consciousness?" The first dream I had, (a week after she died) I noticed her in the back of my car as I drove around. In another dream, my boyfriend and I were in our *home* (not related at all to current, physical home), with all three cats. Stasher (my departed friend) seemed quite content, and I commented that "being dead suited her just fine" . She was quite content. Several times, in dreams, I have commented on her not being much different now that she had died. In the "home" dream, I even made references to how much better our other cats got along in this (meaning the dream) framework. I seemed quite aware that I was in a dream. Another had me visiting with Andy H. and Melinda W. When my cat disappeared I remarked "that's the way it is with dead people, can never hold their focus long!". Nice *timing* that I would log on and find this particular subject. Feel \ free to edit this down if it's too long. Great site!!
From: Chiron,
San Rafael, CA
Thursday, January 14, 1999 6:54 PM

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