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Following are responses for Exercise 4. If you would like to discuss another person's dream, please contact them directly.

Exercise 4: Redream a Little Dream
Okay, sleepyheads. This exercise involves being awake for once. We all can remember significant dreams we've had throughout our lives. They often surface consciously in unexpected ways, reawakening with a tickle of deja vu. According to Seth, all dreams exist in an ever-spacious present, available for you to reexperience them. Your assignment is to select a significant dream from your past and revisit it in a waking state. It could be a disturbing dream that you want to resolve, a mysterious dream that you'd like to uncover more information, or perhaps a romantic dream that you wish went further. Be creative!

Pick a quiet time when you know you won't be interrupted. Take several deep, full breaths and close your eyes. Suggest every part of your body become completely relaxed, yet your mind remain alert and conscious. Suggest to yourself that you will step back into your selected dream. Allow the images to flow, and tell yourself you'll remember every detail. Record a brief synopsis of the prior dream, and a description of your "revisit" to the dream.

Impressions: I had the following dream on 1/19/99: I'm riding in my boss's car. She's driving, and we have a young man as a passenger. He's about 17 and we're helping him move into a new home. We stop at the house he's moving into. I watch the two of them enter while I fool with the car. I see them come out and I insist on helping by carrying the guy's things into his new room. I enter the house, disoriented. I see several old women sitting at the kitchen table. They kind of snarl at me and not give me the time of day. I then see a young white women with dark dread-locked hair. I ask her where to take "MathewÕs" stuff, and she points the way. I follow her directions, and get confused. She helps me again, and I'm grateful. I go up some stairs before I awake.

I decide to "redream" about this intriguing house and perhaps learn something about it or it's inhabitants:


I revisit the house. I enter and it's familiar, like in the dream. I find myself in the narrow hallway. I see the dread-locked woman. I ask her what her name is. She says "Sara." I thank her for helping me find my way the last time I was there. We sit at a kitchen table. The other women aren't there. I get a sense of closure to the dream; itÕs as if sheÕs pleased I came back and that we had a chance to 'chat,' although I can't recall what all was said. I got the sense that she didn't get a lot of visitors from where I came from. I came out of it feeling refreshed and pleased, like I made a new friend.
From: Jim,
Thursday, January 21, 1999 11:30 PM

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