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  DreamLab Responses: January 22 - January 28, 1999
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Following is the DreamLab for January 22 - February 15, 1999. There were no published responses to this exercise.

Exercise 5: Going Back in Time
Simultaneous time is an important concept in the Seth material. Basically the idea is that all time happens at once, and the sequential order of past, present, and future is all an illusion to give our waking lives durability and context, which helps us to experience value fulfillment. In the dream state, however, no time rules exist. We can travel any direction at all, to the most far-reaching imaginable future to the deepest, most forgotten past, all in our beds, all in one night's sleep. For our next exercise, we will experience the simultaneous nature of time by traveling back in time. Suggest to yourself that you will have a dream about the past. You can suggest to your inner self that you'll experience a specific period in time, or you can just trust that it will be darn interesting wherever you end up. To add more spice to your trip, suggest to yourself that you'll bring something back as a souvenir that will symbolize where/when you traveled to. In your dream description below, be sure to describe what you brought "back." Happy trails!

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