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  DreamLab Responses: December 12, 1998
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Assignment, Saturday, December 12: Attend a Dream Lab Social
For the first assignment, Kerstin, Jim, and Kalessin hosted a Dream Lab social to kick off our exciting new venture. Following are summaries of dreams submitted from this experiement.
Impressions: Little late with this dream. I had it 12/11/98 and it didn't seem to pertain, but since its the only dream I've recorded in a month, here it is. I was in this old folks hospital. I'm not sure which way? My room, I think Karen (not Ariel, another friend) and I were in this room, like a rest room, a rest home. And Tim is in there. He thinks he's going to wheel some position out of us. Staying in the room with Karen and me. And I call him Bessie and give him one of her old robes. He kind of chaffs at this. And then there was some cigar smoke and talking to the other old guy, people in there. Like I say, it was like, just a large rest home. Wooden floors, sunny, big.... All. Dream is as I recorded it.
From: Steve Nestor,
Gold Hill, oregon
Wednesday, December 16, 1998 3:56 PM

Impressions: Dream setting: Small resort type community with shores of lake and/or river coming right up to all buildings. Water levels would vary at times, allowing you to see all the varied fish in the water and to reach down and catch them. They could also be stroked or caught while swimming. All the other animals were very tame and excited that we were there to share their experiences also. Dream characters: Myself and Kalessin and various tourist, shopkeepers, etc., that I don't know in this reality. General Feeling: Very relaxed and magical with vacations type feelings, mixed with the awe of relating to the fish and animals that seemed so happy to share their habitat with us. The weather was sunny, warm, with fragrant breezes off the water.
From: Ariel Caulkins,
Eagle Point, Oregon
Sunday, December 13, 1998 11:17 PM

Impressions: I dreamed that we (Kerstin, Jim and I) attended a Sethian garden party of sorts. We stayed very late or early in the morning just talking. Stan and Lynda from SNI were there, too, along with some other people I don't remember. I woke around 2:53 a.m., and it seems it was around that time in the dream before everyone departed.
From: Kel,
Sunday, December 13, 1998 4:50 PM

Impressions: 12/17: I'm telling my best friend that the DreamLab Social is coming up and that she should try to attend 12/19: I'm with a bunch of people and we are learning to partner dance. I try to avoid someone I find particularily annoying who I think is going to try to dance with me. Instead I try to manuever myself to be with someone I think looks interesting and cute.
From: kerstin,
San Francisco
Sunday, December 13, 1998 2:40 PM

Impressions: The morning of 11/12/98 I'm at some kind of Seth gathering. It at first appears to be for gay men, excitedly discussing consciousness. Then I notice some SNI people, and I think it's a playful meeting for them. Kalessin is there, with newly perfect teeth. Then someeone declares that this is the "age of Wellspring." It's then that I begin to tell everyone about the DreamLab social, but I wake up. The morning of 11/13/98 1) My apartment building's being remodeled. I have trouble getting in and worry about my cat. 2) I'm at work. Two men are playing basketball to impress my boss. The stock market "plummets." My computer acts weird-fuzzy screened and unreadable, so I can't go on the internet and see what's happening. 3) I'm in a classroom. I see an old schoolmate. I sit at a desk and wonder if there's going to be a test.
From: Jim,
Sunday, December 13, 1998 1:49 PM

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