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Assignment 2: Meet Your Animal Totem
An animal totem is a symbolic link to nature that you can access in both waking and dreaming life. It can be any animal, and can be useful in taking on day-to-day challenges through visualization. For more information, see chapter nine of Jane Roberts' book, Psychic Politics, which describes her animal, a gorilla.

During this test phase, dreamers followed these instructions:
Ask your inner self for a dream about your animal totem. If you already know what your totem is, ask to be reacquainted in a new and revealing way. Try to find out how this particular animal can assist you in both physical and dream life. Write down your dream and record a summary of it as well as your insights below. Have fun!
Following are the responses to this exercise. If you would like to discuss another person's dream, please contact them directly.

Impressions: I actually had this dream on Jan. 1: I'm testifying at a trial involving a youngish black man accused of killing some people. He speaks first, and is very self-incriminating, and this concerns me. I and others are asked to put on a headset behind the testimony room and "testify" before a hidden jury. Soon it's my turn. I put on the headset and sit down, and I'm surprised by the rather uproarious laughter on the other end. I'm asked my feelings about cats, and I answer plainly that I love them, only every response I give is apparently hilarious - it sounds like 50 people are listening.
From: Jim,
Friday, January 8, 1999 11:56 AM

Impressions: Jan. 4, 1999 Had given self suggestion to dream of an animal totem before sleeping. Dream: Trying to get to my Mom's house in Sierra Vista, Az. Having a hard time. Energy seems to be blocking me or us, but we made it. Though still filled with worry. Wondered about their dog, Beau. Also recalled seeing tarantulas with brown and white stripped legs (I had watched the beginning of the first Indiana Jones movie just before falling asleep. There were tarantulas crawling on his jacket). Woke repeating the word tomoxafein (?) to my self. Maybe a cancer fighting drug and thoughts of suing the doctors. Looking back in my dream journal for the last 4 weeks I've noted 2 other references to a dog in a dream. Maybe this is my dream totem? The dream is also tied with other issues in my life right now.
From: Steve Nestor,
Gold Hill, Ore.
Thursday, January 7, 1999 8:15 PM

Impressions: Tues. Dec. 29, 1998 Needing Horse energy in my life right now. Parts of my dream segements had to do with earlier times in my life that horse energy was working for me - one was when a horse from this reality brought me home when I was lost, and just the freedom, power and cooperation you feel while riding. There was also some element of the passion to run and win that horse racing encompasses. The dream was in sequences where I would be in situations where I would feel weak, like with my ability to get back on my feet from my illness, or my ability to cope with problems I am now having in communicating with my daughter, or my transportataion and car problems that have affected my life for the last 6 months. These were followed with dream sequences of me being in a hoof-pounding, powerful herd of horses, feeling their power and grace flowing through me. Giving me what I needed to feel, in control of events again. There was an underlying element of hearing "Amazing Grace," sung by an artist I don't recognize, with a jazz orchestration. Sort of like Kenny G. In the future time line sequence I was at a reunion of sorts and was being very vain about my looks compared to a lot of other women my same age. I felt a sort of horse energy at this time also.
From: Ariel Caulkins,
Eagle Point, Ore.
Thursday, January 7, 1999 8:04 PM

Impressions: [I had been asking for my animal totem for serveral days, but could only remember snippets of dreams - no animals in sight. Then a few days ago this:]

Having canoed across a large lake, my husband and I are camping on a very steep, very green hillside. I recognize it as the Berkeley hills and can see that new houses are starting to creep over the top. In the yard of one of the homes I see 4 or 5 chow dogs. Suddenly they are loose, chasing something down the hill. Though my familiy has a chow that I love dearly, I know that Chows can be viscious to strangers, so John and I try to make our escape, but our canoe is now leaky. We manage to get to a cabin, which is standing open. I'm afraid the inhabitents will be mad that we are on their property, but a very nice Native American family who are vacationing in the home arrive, and they offer to fix our canoe.


I am cast in a play at the Children's Theatre [my almamater, of which I dream often] as Bullwinkle, the moose. Even though I realize it will be near impossible to do this play and keep my day job (the commute alone will take several hours) I decide to take the role.

[I'm going to keep asking for a more traditional totem dream, but I definately found this interesting and have been musing on them for several days now.]
From: kerstin,
San Francisco
Thursday, December 31, 1998 5:08 PM

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