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The image for this test was a scan of my very battered copy of The Seth Material. Jane Robert's photo is the image on the cover. The weird lines on her face on not a part of the actual book cover, but a strange effect that happens sometimes when a printed piece is scanned into digital format (there is a technical word for this, but I'm blanking on what it is... morray patterns?).

Some thought on the posts:
  • pert's 'triangular shape' may be the ripped corners of the book jacket
  • sunshine's 'cross' may be the capital letter T
  • Keepr thought of the 'color red' which is the color of the text at the top of the book
  • Just Me mentioned a stepped pyramid - didn't Jane say that sometime when she went into trance she felt like she was moving up a pyramid shape?
  • Just Me also mentioned an 'Indian head nickle.' It struck me that this might be the image of Jane's head on the front of the book.
  • Pat Sjoquist's impression of 'a road map' tickled me. Is the Seth Material some sort of map for her? Of course, she's my mom, so I'll just ask!
  • MapKilCoed literally made me laugh out loud with the impression of 'some sort of Icon' and a "saint" — imagine what Jane would say about that! (For those who may not be as familiar with her work, Jane was very concerned that people would try to make a guru of her.)
  • Pangaea mentioned a 'cigarette' and 'the sound of coughing' - my understanding is that Jane was a very active smoker and Seth rode her a bit about this. Pangaea also noted the 'color red,' again the text at the top of the book.
  • BOB and Shauna both said 'gold medaliion.' Hey, have you guys been communicating when the rest of us are not looking?
  • David's impression of 'an elderly man, a little frail but still full of the joys of life' really reminded me of Jane, especially since Seth said Jane identified more closely with what we consider 'male' energy. In fact, he called Jane by her entity name, Rubert, and referred to her as 'he.'
  • Ram said 'a corner of a box.' The book is box shapped, and the corners are missing.
  • Ram also saw a 'smoke signal' and though it might be a 'mail box or a postal/communications building.' Seth and Jane were obviously communicating to the world at large with the publication of this book. It's interesting that Ram mentioned feeling quite a resistance to this test; I had wondered if people would do better on this one because it is a supposedly familiar, and probably beloved, book (at least to the people that I think are likely to come to this website). Interesting.

The Seth Material book cover

Impressions: a triangular shape
From: pert,

Saturday, May 1, 1999 6:40 PM

Impressions: I see a cross
From: sunshine,

Saturday, May 1, 1999 6:37 PM

From: mary,

Saturday, May 1, 1999 5:07 PM

Impressions: first I thought of color red..then an apple or apple shape..also felt trembeling..or shaking..warmth was another sensation as well
From: Keepr,

Saturday, May 1, 1999 9:16 AM

Impressions: A few impressions, not having much to do with each other. The first a sense of going down a tunnel and through a doorwayオ always seem to do this, it must be part of the ブh...experience. A large black T shape, like the space between pictures on a wall. I tried again, this time I have a back lit tiered wedding cake shape, or perhaps a stepped pyramid. Rounded corners and a very bright light behind it. (the rounded corners may be the effect of the light) One more tryハot so sure, too fastピomething my logical labeling brain wants to call an Indian head nickel. The circle, the feathersフhe nose ヘell, maybe. How about if I just say itヘs a circle with some thing in it that has protruding ovoid shapes.
From: Just Me,
Washington state
Thursday, April 29, 1999 6:05 PM

Impressions: See a buch of gemetrical forms. They somehow turn into shoes, possibly hiking boots.
From: Ariel C.,
Eagle Point, Ore
Thursday, April 29, 1999 2:03 AM

Impressions: Two blue butterflys circling each other over a meadow of grass.
From: Steve,
Gold Hill, Or
Thursday, April 29, 1999 2:00 AM

Impressions: a road map of those pastel colored ones.
From: pat sjoquist,
Tuesday, April 27, 1999 10:02 PM

Impressions: candle flame
From: allen,
norwalk, CT
Tuesday, April 27, 1999 5:04 PM

Impressions: comet flying thru the night
From: jeff,
Monday, April 26, 1999 6:45 PM

Impressions: red schoolhouse or barn
From: R,
Monday, April 26, 1999 1:19 AM

Impressions: mountains w/ hang glider
From: frenchy,
Sunday, April 25, 1999 7:43 PM

Impressions: Hmmmmm, I think it's . . .some sort of Icon or religious card,like in the eastern church,of a "saint".
From: MapKilCoed,
New jersey
Friday, April 23, 1999 7:32 PM

Impressions: gold, smooth, round medallion
From: BOB,
Thursday, April 22, 1999 12:48 AM

Impressions: A cigarette. The sound of coughing. The color red.
From: Pangaea,
San Jose
Wednesday, April 21, 1999 11:36 PM

Impressions: gold medallion, box-like, also a dagger shape, metal
From: Shauna,
Vancouver, B.C.
Tuesday, April 20, 1999 11:23 PM

Impressions: I see a lot of clear water, rushing over a sphere. Maybe a crystal globe, or a stone of some kind amid a river?
From: Jack Keegan, none
Tuesday, April 20, 1999 10:09 PM

Impressions: There's an elderly man, a little frail but still full of the joys of life. Some sort of frame (picture, walking?)
From: David,

Sunday, April 18, 1999 7:24 AM

Impressions: A corner of a box, a cubical shape. Pipes, joined in such fashion. A frame. Aluminum window. Some concepts. No feeling, maybe something not interesting to me. O.K. try again - a wild west type of chariot with galloping horses like one I saw once on slide. So maybe it's slide projector's frame. Now a native smoke signal. So maybe it's a mail box or a postal/communications building. My, feeling quite a resistance at this one.
From: Ram,
Saturday, April 17, 1999 11:25 PM

From: Ram,
Saturday, April 17, 1999 10:49 PM

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