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The image for this test is a scan from from a book on tilework. There is so much going on in this scan that it is hard for me to zero in and make connections with people's impressions. But I'll give it a try:

  • I though Pam Allerdice was very in-tune with her impression of 'a river or stream.' Perhpas the grass was a connection with the seaweed.
  • MapKilCoed saw peaks or hills; I wonder if that was a connection to the points of the starfish? The'outstretched wings' definately brought to mind the arms of the starfish. And maybe the wisps of clouds or smoke are connected to the seaweed somehow.
  • Steve N. got the columns with captions and photos

I told you this one was hard! Does anyone else have any thoughts?



Impressions: a picture of a river or stream. It is in a grassy area. It is a very peaceful scene.
From: Pam Allerdice,
Southampton, NY
Sunday, May 30, 1999 9:54 PM

Impressions: the word volleyball came to when I started thinking about your test. That's all. The word just popped into my head.
From: Betty,
Wednesday, May 26, 1999 12:57 AM

Impressions: Hmmmmm, I think it's . . . something with a shape similar to"^^" a twin peaked roof or maybe hills or mountains.possibly a large bird with outstreched wings. I also get concentric circular shapes,sort of like a tunnel effect,and wispu clouds or smoke.
From: MapKilCoed,
south jersey
Sunday, May 23, 1999 4:51 PM

Impressions: dark clouds
From: Mary,

Saturday, May 22, 1999 6:44 PM

Impressions: I have a shape in my mind, black and white and is rather odd, one of those things that when you look at it one way it's a vase and you look at it the other way and it's a face.... This is a positive negitve space way its sort of like a foot...the other way is like a mans head form the back framed by a dark frame. Boy the discription does not so it justice! heheheh! Another feeling of someting hovering over the whole thing at a diagnil to me..rather like a ufo, or a hat. I hear a woman saying the words "three" and "guys".
From: justme,
Saturday, May 22, 1999 6:33 PM

Impressions: A cut out article from a newspaper. A written column on the bottem, with a black and white photo on top and caption blow it. The photo possibly of several people.
From: Steve N.,
Gold Hill, Oregon
Monday, May 17, 1999 5:02 AM

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