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The image for this test is an decorative illustration, probably from the 1950s, of an atom. What is so fascinating to me about this round of testing is that I think everyone 'got' something. In my interpretation of each of the responses I can see a correlation either to the image itself, or to other people's responses. My thoughts:
  • Beedee's impression was of flowers. While this image is not tall and slim and doesn't (to me anyway) look much like a daffodil, it definitely has a generic 'flower' shape.
  • Mary suggested it was an old town. Jim's impression was of an anchor that was 'old-fashioned' (at first). I think both picked up on the idea that this image is indeed from another time. I also thought it interesting (though Mary may not have had this in mind at all) that when I read 'railroad station' I thought of hubs, where a bunch of rail lines connect, or a transit map which I can also sort of see relating to the image.
  • It's also interesting the Jim's old-fashioned anchor turned into a new one, since this image is now being reproduced all over the place. I have a dress made from material with this pattern, and I've seen it pop up in other places recently. The old turning into the new!
  • Anne first saw a circle, which is extremely prominent in this image. She then thought of a denture piece, which I can see as the edge of some of the 3-D circles. The green piece at the top right particularly has this shape.
  • JustMe saw some odd shapes but felt she didn't have the proper context or meaning. What struck me as interesting about this is that this image is an artist's rendition of what an atom might look like, but drawn for a purely graphic design and illustrative intent. Maybe JustMe saw the atom out of context?
  • JustMe also mentioned a boomarang shape. This shape played heavily in other patterns of the same era and was extremely common. Also, 'paisley,' which was a very important pattern a few generations later. Just as with this atom shape, paisley strongly reflected the time and went out of fashion for a bit afterwards. JustMe also saw red below the paisley shape. The circle in the center of the image has red below and behind some dots.
  • MapKilCoed saw a network and this image could definitely be one hub of a network (see my note above about transit maps). Also mentioned were beads of red, blue, and yellow. The blue is missing, but the colored circles of this pattern have a strong resemblance to beads, and they are even 'strung-out' along a line.
  • John got concentric circles, and while I don't see any sharing the same center point, it may just depend on your perspective. But boy, have we got circles!
  • Jim and MapKilCoed had a fishing connection of some sort, one with a net and one with an anchor.
Your thoughts?

- Kerstin
Illustration of an Atom
Impressions: My hunch is that it is a slim fairly tall vase of flowers mostly dafiddils, maybe against the mirror
From: Beedee,

Friday, July 16, 1999 7:16 AM

Impressions: old town, maybe a railroad station?
From: Mary,
Somers Point NJ
Thursday, July 15, 1999 10:42 PM

Impressions: odd. first impression circle revised to u-shape, rotated the u-shape, thought of denture piece
From: Anne,
Wednesday, July 14, 1999 11:38 PM

Impressions: Today I have some odd shapes, which I drew as I saw them rather then afterwards. I don't think this works so well as the shapes have no context or meaning. Some arches and boomarnge shape and one that looks a a bit like paisley. I did have the impression of reflected light or highlights and the color red below the paisly shape. I'll give it another try later and see if I can get anything else.
From: JustMe,

Wednesday, July 14, 1999 2:34 PM

Impressions: Hmmmmm, I think it's . . . some fashion of network,like macreme,or bead work.I get a fishing net type pattern with a beqaded design in the center.I get red,blue and yellow beads.
From: MapKilCoed,
New Jersey
Thursday, July 8, 1999 7:21 PM

Impressions: concentric circles
From: John,

Thursday, July 8, 1999 12:23 AM

Impressions: I see an anchor. At first it came as an old-fashioned styled one with three curled arms, but then it became a more modern version like sports fisherman use today.
From: Jim,
Tuesday, July 6, 1999 8:12 AM

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