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Following are responses for the Envelope Test, August 1 - 15, 1999. The image for this test is a mailbox. My apologies for being late getting this archive up, and for once again, not having time to analyze the posts... Summer is consuming me! As always, your thoughts?

— Kerstin

Mail box

Impressions: a question mark within a womans eye
From: Rene,

Tuesday, August 17, 1999 3:31 PM

Impressions: Hmmmmm, I think it's . . . some sort of a "Y" shape,sort of like a martini glass or some one with arms upstretched above their head in a "V" shape.I also get a circle and a golden or yellow color.
From: MapKIlCoed,
South jersey
Sunday, August 15, 1999 9:11 AM

Impressions: White and green. The sound of cars driving by on a freeway. I am not "feeling" very psychic today... A diamond.
From: Pangaea,
Mountain View, CA
Saturday, August 14, 1999 5:46 PM

Impressions: dang! I hit the back space and lost my post! I'll start over... Strong imressions of two things intertwined, like hands clasping or shaking. Got that twice, sorta.. Another of hair or a cap. Finally a vertical line , on one side half of the letter p, on the other, lower, the letter c. No color presents itself stongly today, but I want to say it was yellow.hmmm
From: justme,

Friday, August 13, 1999 9:07 PM

Impressions: I sense muted colors, scenery, field of flowers, perhaps a butterfly and a building structure.
From: Scarlett,
Laurel, MD
Thursday, August 12, 1999 5:11 PM

Impressions: At first I saw a candle on an antique holder, but then I saw a newspaper article that had a photo of a women's soccer team jumping in the air high-fiving each other.
From: Jim,
Albany, CA
Wednesday, August 4, 1999 10:21 AM

Impressions: As I read the instructions, the image of a red apple came to me. When I closed my eyes and relaxed, the apple appeared again with a gold (the color, not the metal) arrow through it, pointing down diagonally from the upper right to the lower left.
From: gypsy23,
Sacramento, CA
Tuesday, August 3, 1999 2:13 PM

Impressions: I think that i have to go with a tree. It came to me immediately as i was reading the instructions.
From: Lowiss,
Monday, August 2, 1999 12:17 AM

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