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I call this image 'Pigs Dancing.' It is a wooden puzzle, and I disassembled the back portion of the female pig's dress and apron strings for this photo.

On glancing over the impressions I had the following thoughts:
  • Maybe the pigs are doing the 'Maple Leaf Rag?' (see Joy's impression)
  • Maybe Susmita picked up on the blue in the dress. There are also flowers on the collar and the bottom of the apron, which are found often in a 'natural landscape.'
  • Pigs live in barns. The barn is made of wood and so it the puzzle. Decrepit may refer to the broken dress. There is a flower (weed?) behind the female pig's ear. (see Vic's impression)
  • Jenny's multiple thin references made me laugh, since pigs are well-known to be just the opposite!
Your thoughts?

— Kerstin

Pigs Dancing

Impressions: maple leaf
From: joy,

Saturday, December 26, 1998 8:53 PM

Impressions: A natural landscape with blue mountains at the back and water in the front, some birds flying at a distance
From: Susmita,
Lexington, KY
Thursday, December 24, 1998 8:52 AM

Impressions: I see a decrepit old barn surrounded by very large weeds. The barn used to be red, but that is hardly distinguishable now. Mostly, there is rotting wood. To the physical eye, it's amazing that it's still standing, but the structure itself is solid.

This barn used to house mostly cows, but also horses and chickens, and a few domestic animals, such as dogs and cats. Many rats lived there and still live there, as well as a few species of birds

This barn is part of what used to be a prosperous enterprise, but the barn was secondary to the enterprise. The business had to do with wire cables of some sort, but was masked by agriculture.

The people that used to run this business/enterprise were two men and a woman. These were the key players in the business.

I feel a sense of illegal in this business, but accepted illegal. The men did suffer legal action, but not because of the wire cables. It was more a matter of folks creating a scenario in which the men were implicated, but not necessarily responsible.
From: Vic,
So Cal
Tuesday, December 22, 1998 10:48 PM

Impressions: First Impression, something tall and thin, a telephone pole? 2nd inpression, a bicycle(thin frame) or a bicyclist (thin person!)
From: jenny,
Belmont, CA
Tuesday, December 22, 1998 12:20 AM

Impressions: A dog..I see the image of an old friend's Golden Retriever...the dog's name was Dallas.
From: Frank Webster,
Jersey City, NJ
Monday, December 21, 1998 4:31 PM

Impressions: a reflection of my eye...I am drawn into the depths of my mind while looking at the corneal image..It is my eye as it appears so eneric.
From: Song,
Saturday, December 19, 1998 8:15 PM

Impressions: ice or snow
From: Dave,

Thursday, December 17, 1998 8:20 AM

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