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What is Value Fulfillment?
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Value fulfillment is the process of consciousness seeking its utmost potential. It is the inner desire that gives meaning to life on an individual's terms. It is the impetus behind all expression and existence.

Each person's value fulfillment is based on whatever the individual thinks is important. When you follow your inner 'blueprint,' you are truly in touch with your own value fulfillment. By using your innate abilities, by fulfilling your values, you add to the quality of your life and that of the human community and beyond.

Every atom and particle has consciousness, and naturally seeks to improve upon itself in a constant state of becoming. That becoming is based on an excitement of spontaneity and play, transformation and durability as well as fulfilling the desire to be more than what it once was.

For an in-depth look at this concept, see Jim Schutte's essay Value Fulfillment Gives Meaning to Life.

Value Fulfillment and the Seth Material
Value fulfillment is a central concept in the Seth material, a body of work brought forth by Jane Roberts, Robert Butts, and Seth. Seth, who described himself as a 'non-physical energy essence personality,' communicated through Jane while she was in trance, with her husband Rob taking notes. They worked together for 20 years and produced 24 published books and volumes of unpublished material, all of which is archived at Yale University.

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